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SAP QM Tutorial & Materials are designed to implement SAP QM (Quality Management) module in an easy method step by step with real-time scenarios.

SAP QM (Quality Management) module is one of the important functional modules of the SAP system that supports all the activities associated with quality planning, quality inspection, and quality control.

SAP QM module can be integrated with other modules of SAP such as materials management (MM), production planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), financial accounting (FICO), etc. The integration of SAP quality management module with other SAP modules helps in quality control in these integrated modules.

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Course Content:


Tutorial 1.1SAP Overview

Tutorial 1.2SAP QM Overview

Tutorial 1.3SAP QM Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.4SAP Material Master QM view

Tutorial 1.5SAP QM Inspection Types

Tutorial 1.6SAP Quality Info Record

Tutorial 1.7SAP QM Plans

Tutorial 1.8SAP QM Master Inspection Characteristics

Tutorial 1.9SAP QM Catalog codes

Tutorial 1.10SAP QM Selected sets

Tutorial 1.11: SAP QM Quality Levels

Tutorial 1.12: SAP QM Sampling Scheme

Tutorial 1.13SAP QM Sampling Procedures

Tutorial 1.14:  SAP Class & Class Characteristics

Tutorial 1.15: SAP Batch Master

Tutorial 1.16SAP Quality Certificates (COA)

Tutorial 1.17: SAP QM Incoming Inspection Process

Tutorial 1.18SAP QM In Process Inspection

Tutorial 1.19SAP QM Final Inspection Process

Tutorial 1.20SAP QM Recurring Inspection Process

Tutorial 1.21SAP QM Calibration Process

Tutorial 1.22SAP QM Recurring Inspection Deadline Monitoring

Tutorial 1.23SAP QM Inspection for a Delivery to a Customer

Tutorial 1.24SAP QM Vendor Notification

Tutorial 1.25SAP QM Internal Notification

Tutorial 1.26SAP QM Customer Notification

Tutorial 1.27SAP QM Control Key

Tutorial 1.28SAP QM Dynamic Modification Rule

Tutorial 1.29SAP QM Inspection lot creation & Processing

Tutorial 1.30SAP QM Reports

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