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Full form or SAP CS stands for (Customer Services), a popular SAP ERP tool that offers the basic functionalities to a vast range of customer-specific tasks, is considered to be an important extension of the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. In the present competitive scenario, customers like to purchase from organizations/ service providers that have higher customer satisfaction quotient. Under the circumstances, it becomes essential to offer better after-sale and customer services in every industrial vertical or commercial sector. 

Along with offering the best services for warranties (for the goods purchased by customers) to taking the right steps for maintaining customer loyalty, providing the right help desk services, and placing an organization far ahead of its competition by increasing the levels of sales; the SAP CS module goes a long way in offering the highest levels of customer satisfaction too. Excellent customer services are vital for the growth and development of an organization and can be easily achieved via the integration of effective functionalities and SAP client services applications.

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Course Content:


Tutorial 1.1SAP Introduction

Tutorial 1.2SAP CS Overview

Tutorial 1.3SAP CS Organizational Structure

Tutorial 1.4SAP CS Work Center

Tutorial 1.5SAP CS Material Master

Tutorial 1.6SAP CS Equipment

Tutorial 1.7SAP Serial Number

Tutorial 1.8SAP Cost center

Tutorial 1.9SAP Activity

Tutorial 1.10SAP Activity Pricing

Tutorial 1.11: SAP CS Warranty & Types

Tutorial 1.12: SAP CS DIP Profile

Tutorial 1.13SAP Classes

Tutorial 1.14:  SAP Class Characteristics

Tutorial 1.15: SAP CS Service Contracts

Tutorial 1.16SAP CS Task Lists

Tutorial 1.17: SAP Material Master

Tutorial 1.18SAP Maintenance Plan

Tutorial 1.19SAP CS Catalog Codes

Tutorial 1.20SAP Corrective Maintenance Process

Tutorial 1.21SAP Service Order

Tutorial 1.22SAP Service Notification

Tutorial 1.23SAP CS Resource Related Billing

Tutorial 1.24Material Withdrawal for SAP CS Order

Tutorial 1.25SAP CS Completion Confirmation

Tutorial 1.26SAP CS In house Repair Process

Tutorial 1.27SAP CS Repair at Customer site Process

Tutorial 1.28SAP CS Annual Maintenance Process (Planned Customer Service)

Tutorial 1.29SAP CS Reports

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